Welcome to Agile Dragon

Your data is complicated. Your business's needs are continuously changing. It's not enough for your analytics to keep up; they need to lead the way.

Birst's best-in-class cloud-based data warehouse and dashboard enable businesses to make trusted, smarter decisions. But are you getting the maximum value from your Birst investment? Agile Dragon Consulting has deep Birst expertise and broad industry understanding, combined with robust agile practices. With our services you will reach better decisions faster and have the flexibility to roll out new insight engines to drive your business forward.

Why Agile Dragon


With expert-level Birst architecture, development, and mentoring skills, plus decades of experience with traditional data warehousing and BI, our expertise can lift your analytics implementation out of the doldrums and into the lead.

We are Agile

Agile practices have taken the software development world by storm. But what does this mean for your business? How can you take advantage of the benefits of iterative development without losing sight of the big picture? Agile Dragon's President and Founder, Cindy Hoskey, is a Certified ScrumMaster® and a Certified Scrum Product Owner® professional. She will ensure that projects are held to the highest standards and can provide training and mentoring in Scrum to your staff.

We are responsive

Birst's dashboards automatically respond to changes in dimension and size when viewed on different devices. Your Birst solution should respond as easily to changes in your business. Agile Dragon work with you to architect a robust, flexible solution that makes it easy to add to your Birst solution as your business needs grow.

Our Services

  • Birst Implementation

    A thoughtful implementation of Birst can increase your ROI while making it easier to grow your suite of analytics and rapidly respond to business change in the future.

    Whether you are hosting your own Birst appliance or using Birst's cloud, our expert knowledge of modeling and architecture will ensure you have the best solution for your business. And we will design and develop meaningful, insightful visualizations that work together on dashboards to give you the answers you are looking for and help drive adoption.

  • Birst embedding

    One of the reasons why Birst is industry-leading is its ability to be embedded in your company's website or web application, resulting in a seamless experience for your end users, with your company's logo and color schemes. They'll never know you didn't hand-code it yourself!

    Need a special visualization that doesn't exist in Birst's broad range of chart and graph choices? We can custom code and embed your creative visualization using HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Javascript D3, and SVG files so that your data comes alive.

  • Agile Coaching

    Agile Dragon's President and Founder, Cindy Hoskey, is a Certified ScrumMaster® and a Certified Scrum Product Owner® professional. Maybe you've heard all the buzz about Agile but haven't figured out how it applies to your business. Perhaps you'd like to learn how to roll out changes to your BI environment more frequently in order to be more responsive to the needs of your business.

    We can help you figure out how to apply Agile to your Birst practice and business, and provide ongoing mentoring and creative coaching to bring out the best in your teams.

  • Ongoing Mentoring

    You've got a great Birst solution. So now what? We can provide you with ongoing mentoring and support of your team's efforts to master this rich and deep analytics platform, helping you keep up-to-date with advances in Birst's modules while advising you on best practices in order to craft the best business intelligence environment possible for your business.

    Whether your business needs include networked BI, always-on, OEM, or embedded custom visualizations, we can help guide you to the best solution, and can help improve your team's expertise as well.

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