Embeddable Birst Add-ons and Configured Products

So your data works for you (not the other way around)


Dragon Grid® Auto

Embeddable, customizable tabular reporting for better Birst data quickly and easily

Dragon Grid Auto allows you to embed customizable tabular reports for times when requirements call for a wall-of-numbers report, faster viewing, advanced filtering, or end-user pivoting.

Hide or reveal columns, move them or pin them, add or remove row groups, and change the entire look and feel of the grid.

Dragon Grid Auto is inserted directly into the Birst Dashboard HTML window and puts the control in your hands.

No coding necessary

Bring your own BQL query and figure out what you’ll do with the time you saved.


Adjust columns to get to your relevant data

Hide columns, move them, or pin them in the grid. Get all of the data that is relevant to your user without the noise.

Filter columns directly in the grid

Dragon Grid Auto works with Birst filters, either embedded in the dashboard or in Birst’s filter tray. Plus, Dragon Grid Auto has its own built-in filters for added flexibility.

Export data with ease

Dragon Grid Auto enables flexible exporting and copy/paste functionality. Easily export to the most common spreadsheet formats so you can get to work with your data faster.

Try Dragon Grid yourself now

  • Try cutting and pasting directly out of the Birst dashboard in our hands-on example
  • See how the additional flexibility in the column filter options makes accessing data faster 
  • Find out how easy it is to manipulate columns to highlight only the data you want

"Agile Dragon’s Dragon Grid brought our reporting and insights to a whole new level. Providing self-service reporting and analytics for our most powerful users has increased adoption and utilization. It has been so impactful at Precipart that we can not keep up with the demand for new applications."

Robert Field
Vice President, Global Digital – Precipart

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